About Me

Hi All ummmm this is quite tough task for me to introduce my self.who I am? What I do? and of-course how I do? hmmm these are the questions that makes me rest less, sleep less and some time it is Just a big?????
Aaah this evalutaion by me for my self.

Okay, so I Would like to start introduce my self with my Passion and it is JAVA wow! it is been 5 years I am learning JAVA and after Five years down the lines JAVA is not only JAVA for me JAVA has encoded my cells my It is JAVA which is controling my Metabolism yes JAVA is in my blood.

I am Technology Enthusiast & Professional now a Tech-blogger too - who live, breathe and work in a dream world where information and people are effortlessly connected, you may have heard of it - World Wide Web & I’m proud that I'm part of this dream world.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Kuvempu Vishwavidyanilaya, India, Dec 2008. Worked in Facility jobs while attending college. Successfully completed Bachelor degree start to work with CLAN Group. Studing Master of Computer Application(MCA) from SMU.

Work Experience

I started working with CLAN Infotech pvt ltd in 2009 and this beautiful Journey which got a mesmerizing end point in 2011 since then the journey of thinking, Learning, Implementing, applying got a new canvas to draw and develop my dreams in JAVA in my world, when i got and oppertunity to be a part of beautiful Organisation SHAHI Exports pvt ltd Faridabad Its been 2 yrs learning and experiencing the amazing.



Bal Singh(DGM-IT) SEPL
As per my observation, he is technically very sound and capable to work both front/back end.

Shatrughan Dwivedi(DIR.) CLAN
This man has an awe-inspiring knowledge of technologies, especially Java-related (patterns. packages etc).

Ranjeet Gautam(PROG.) SEPL
Vivek is hardworking, focused and dedicated person towards his work.Working with him is a fun.

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